Seminar & WorkShops
1.     “Two Day National workshop on Applications of Advanced Analytical Techniques in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology            (AATPN-2016)”during 16 th and 17 th Sep.2016.   
2.      Two Day National Workshop on “RECENT ADVANCEMENTS FOR BLOOM OF YOUTH IN PHARMA AND NANO” on  June                    17th and 18th  2016 (TIN-PNW-2016).
3.       Short term course on “Synthesis & Characterization of Nano Materials” March 14th - 18th , 2016(SCNM-2016)
4.       International Conference on Nano Science, Engineering and Application  June 26th - 28th ,2014(ICONSEA-2014)
5.       National Workshop on "Science and Society" November 11th 2013.
6.       National Conference on Nano Science, Nano Engineering and Application April 27th - 28th  2012(NCONSEA-2012)
7.       National Workshop on Introduction to Nano Technology and Applications,September 3rd - 4th 2010 (INTA-2010).