1. Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles and its characterization 
  2. Study of metal oxide nanoparticles for sensor application
  3. Preparation of TiO2 nanoparticles for solar cells 
  4. Energy
  5. Nano materials and composites
  6. Electronic applications
  7. Computer applications
  8. Biomedical applications
  9. Environmental cleaning applications
  10. Carbon Nano Tubes
  11. JNTUH’s intention is to generate and develop highly skilled research manpower in the emerging, multi disciplinary fields critical for accelerated growth of the nation. The university also has collaborative programs in research with centres like ARCI, IICT etc. The focuses of research have been in the areas of synthesis and characterization of exotic materials, energy, thin film technology, electronic applications and theoretical modeling of nano materials. The centre established a sophisticated nano science laboratory well equipped with the state of art machinery in the campus.
  12. Mesoporus materials for catalystic applications.
  13. Nanocrystalline materials for optical,electrical&magnetic applications
  14. Novel materials for battery applications

Research Projects completed:-

S.No     Name of the Project Funding Agency Name of the faculty Member Amount (Rs) Period
    1. DST- Nano Mission
(Institute Project)
DST- Nano Mission Dr. K.V. Rao
DST-Nanomission Programme Co-ordinator
267 Lakhs 2010-2016
(6 Yr’s)
    2. Synthesis of Nanostructured metal oxides by microwave assisted room temperature ionic liquids and their applications UGC Dr. K.V. Rao 8.6 Lakhs 2012-2015
(3 Yr’s)
    3. Development of gas sensors by using microbial bio-films with ferrite nanoparticles DST-SERB Dr. K.V. Rao 37.4 Lakhs 2013-16
(3 Yr’s)
    4. Advanced hybrid lead-acid batteries using nano materials for futuristic energy storage applications TEQIP-II Dr. K.V. Rao 2.0 Lakhs 2015-2016
(1 Yr)
    6. Synthesis and characterization of novel metal oxide nano composites for gas sensor and humidity sensor TEQIP-II Dr. K.V. Rao 1.75 Lakhs 2015-2016
(1 Yr)
    7. Novel green synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles and its study on seed germination, growth factors TEQIP-II Dr. Ch. S. Chakra 2.0 Lakhs 2015-2016
(1 Yr)
    8. Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for energy storage applications TEQIP-II Dr. Ch. S. Chakra 1.75 Lakhs 2015-2016
(1 Yr)
 9. Raman Fellowship for Post Doctoral Research for Indian Scholars in United States of America UGC Dr. K.V. Rao 25.13 Lakhs 2016-17
(1 Yr)
10 Biology-nano-materials-green nano technology UGC Dr. K.V. Rao 11.75 Lakhs 2013-16
(3 yr)

Research Projects (Applied)

S.No Name of the project
Funding Agency
Name of the Faculty Member
Amount (Rs)
1 Ultra rechargeable flexible graphene micro supercapacitor power banks charged by solar power JNTU-EDC-TBI Dr. CH.S. Chakra 8.0 Lakhs 1  Years
2 Spectroscopic analysis of increasing the iron absorption and distribution in the Spinacia oleracea treated with iron nanoparticles TSCOST & DST Dr. CH.S. Chakra 24.45 Lakhs 3 Years
3 Development of nanostructure metal oxides/graphene for solar cell application DST- INDO-JAPAN Dr. K.V. Rao 95 Lakhs 3  Years
4 Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene nanocomposite materials for Nón Enzymatic Glucose Biosensor Application INDO-SOUTH KOREA Dr .K.V. Rao 61.31 Lakhs 3  Years
5 “Development of low-cost nanostructred metal oxides doped multi-layered graphene for high-efficiency perovskite solar cells”
Dr. K.V. Rao
53 Lakhs
3 Years
6 Incubation Centre RUSA Dr. CH. S. Chakra 780 Lakhs 5 Years
7 Global challenges of solar energy and solar fuels GIAN Dr. K.V. Rao
Dr. CH. S.Chakra
  1 Week training
8 Cancer nanotechnology molecular therapy, molecular imaging and thearanostics GIAN Dr.K.V. Rao
Dr. CH.S. Chakra
  1 Week training
9 Energy materials and innovative challenges in its applications  GIAN Dr. K.V. Rao
Dr. Ch.Shilpa Chakra
  1 Week training