Head of the Department Details
Dr. CH. Shilpa Chakra
B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Nanotechnology
Head of the Department
Center for Nano Science and Technology
Areas of Interest:
Synthesis of Nano Structured Materials
Biomimetic and Biological Inspired Materials
Characterization of Nano Materials
Nanotechnology for Agriculture Application
Nanotechnology for Environmental Application
Bio-Medical application of  Nano Materials
Green Nanotechnology
Nano Ayurveda

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Contact :
Dr. CH. Shilpa Chakra
Assistant Professor of Nanotechnology
Center for Nano Science and Technology
Institute of Science & Technology(Autonomous)
Official Email: shilpachakra.nano@jntuh.ac.in
Alternate Email: shilpachakra.nano@gmail.com
Phone: 04023151100