Equipments Available at the Centre:

1.      Rota Vapour
2.      CHNS Analyser
3.      Orbit shakar
4.      Gas cromatography
5.      Uv-visible spectrophotometer
6.      HPLC
7.      IR
8.      Microwave synthesizer
9.      Advanced flow reactor
10.  Rheometer
11.  Bench top NMR
12.  Fixed bed Catalytic Reactor
13.  Cyclone Separator.
14.  Adiabatic Batch Reactor.
15.  Fluidized Bed Drier.
16.  Packed Bed Column.
17.  Bubble Cap Distillation.
18.  Mixed Flow Reactor.
19.  RTD Studies in CSTR.
20.  Helical Coil Heat Exchanger.
21.  Mat lab Software.
22.  Chemito         

Other Facilities:
  • Well-equipped, air-conditioned seminar rooms, conference halls and lecture theatres facilitate the organization of workshops, lectures, and conferences, tutorial and remedial classes which are regular events in the centre.
  • Two tutorial rooms are available for discussion. Counseling is done by professionals who look after the welfare of the students by helping them to cope with stress and developing confidence among them to overcome and face highs and lows of the life.
  • Counseling facility for students will be available in the College premises in the Tutorial Room.
  • Every faculty member has individual cabin to interact with students personally as and when required.