Center for Bio-Technology
The Centre for Biotechnology (CBT) was established at Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University in 1989. The Department offers Full Time PG programmes which include M.Tech. in Biotechnology, M.Tech. in Biochemical Engineering, M.Sc. in Biotechnology, M.Sc. in Microbiology and Ph.D. in Biotechnology. Our Centre also offers Part Time PG Programmes in M.Tech. In Biotechnology and M.Tech. in Biopharmaceutical Technology. Department has well equipped classrooms with audiovisual facilities, research and computer laboratories for imparting advanced practical training and exposure to students. The Centre has modern infrastructure for carrying out basic/applied research in the advanced areas of Molecular Biology, Enzyme Technology, Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Microbial Technology, Process Engineering and Bioinformatics. A separate library with latest text books, a seminar hall and a systems biology lab with internet connection are also available.

The centre also conducts workshops and seminars for students, teachers and scientists in the relevant areas of Biotechnology for human resource development. The centre is executing research projects in diverse areas of biotechnology funded by AICTE, DST, MNRE, UGC and also industries. The Centre has active collaboration with Research Organizations such as ICRISAT, Indian Immunologicals Ltd, IICT, CCMB, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad Central University, NATCO Pharma, Osmania University and NRC-PBI Canada.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
1.      The PG students graduating from this programme would have adequate knowledge of the key technologies that enable an in  depth  understanding of the  biological systems
2.      Graduates will have a strong base of engineering principles that is required in bioprocess related industries.
3.      Graduates would be able to interface between biological  sciences and engineering  thereby design, model and simulate a bioprocess system
4.      Graduates will develop ability to develop an economically feasible and eco friendly bioprocess systems
Program Outcomes (POs)
a) Post graduate students graduating out of this program will have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the engineering principles related to biochemical engineering and key technologies to understand the complex biological systems and will be able to interface the both areas to address the needs of bioprocess industry.
b) Graduates will demonstrate ability to integrate the knowledge of both the engineering and biological sciences and conduct investigations and draw logical conclusions to solve the problems in bio-therapeutics, fermentation and other bioprocess industries.
c) Graduate will have comprehensive knowledge to identify the problems and conduct critical analysis to draw effective solutions.
d) Graduate will demonstrate ability to conduct experiments, analyze data and interpret results in various areas of biochemical engineering.
e) Graduate will demonstrate ability to handle the modeling and simulation tools, various biochemical engineering related equipment and Biotechnological tools.
f) Graduate will demonstrate the ability to create an interface with collaborative and team efforts between multiple disciplines to draw logical conclusions to various problems in bioprocess and related industries.
g) Graduate will demonstrate ability to critically analyze, understand and design the economics of bioprocess and related industries. They will further demonstrate comprehensive project management skills.
h) Graduate will be well trained through the course curriculum to demonstrate strong publication (draft and critique abstract, paper publication, project report) and oral presentation skills.
i) Graduate will demonstrate the ability to upgrade their knowledge constantly and recognize the need of self and life - long learning.
j) Graduate will demonstrate ethical, moral and professional responsibility towards the society.
k) Graduate will demonstrate the ability to self learn by observation and critical analysis method.

M.Tech. (BIOTECHNOLOGY) 2 years - FTPG
M.Tech. (BIOTECHNOLOGY) 3 years - PTPG
Ph.D. (BIOTEHCNOLOGY) Full Time & Part Time
Laboratory and Instruments:
Molecular Biology Lab
Plant Biotechnology Lab
Gel Documentation Unit
Biostat B Plus Bioreactor
Speed Vac
Biolistic Particle Delivery System
Multiscan Specrum Microtiter Plate Reader
Cold Room
Laminar Flow (Biosafety Cabinet)
Refrigerated Microfuge
-80° deep Freezer
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Micro Ultra Centrifuge
Gene Sequencer