Completed Research Projects
  Sl.   No. Project title Sponsoring Agency Amount
In rupees Lakhs
Year Type of Project
  1. Water Resources Management MHRD 10.00 1983 Infrastructure
  2. To develop Photo Physical Hydrology in Water Resources Management MHRD 10.00 1987 -do-
  3. Water Resources Management MHRD 2.00 1987 -do-
  4. Water Resources Management MHRD 2.00 1987 -do-
  5. Water Resources Management MHRD 5.00 1988 -do-
  6. Water Resources Management MHRD 5.00 1990 -do-
  7. Water Resources Management MHRD 3.00 1992 -do-
  8. Developing Excellence for Hydrological Studies MHRD 7.5 1993 Modernisation of Labs
  9. Creation of Infrastructure facilities for advanced technological research base in integrated management of water resources in representative hard rock regions of Peninsular India MHRD 10.00 1993 Infrastructure creation
10. Integrated Investigations for control of Reservoir Sedimentation through remote sensing and conventional techniques - A case study of Sriramsagar Project in A.P. AICTE 6.00 1994 R & D
11. Artificial Recharge Sites Identification in a Typical Semi Arid Terrain of Progressively Lowering Ground Water Levels AICTE   7.0  2002 R&D
12 Sustainability of Rainwater Harvesting Structures under the ongoing Watershed Programme AICTE 11.0 2003 TAPTEC
13 Evaluation of Recharge from reservoirs using stable isotopes in the catchment area of river Musi, Hyderabad DST 6.0 2004 R&D
14 Water Allocation in the Krishna River Basin to Improve Water Productivity in Agriculture IWMI 15.0 2004 R&D
15 Remote Sensing Data based soil conservation studies to control sedimentation in Sri Ramsagar Reservoir Ministry of Water Resources 15.24 2005 R&D
16 TEQIP GOI 52.0 2005 Infrastructure Creature
On Going Projects
S. No.  Project Title Sponsoring
Amount in Rupees
1 Application of Multi geophysical techniques to delineate ground water potential zones and artificial recharge sites AICTE 6.9
Ultra Micro Level Urban
Watershed Management
using Geomatic Approach 
Artificial Recharge Project
under Centrally Sponsored
State  Scheme
Name of the Research Scholar (Registered/Non Registered for Ph.D Type of Fellowship (CSIR, UGC NET, R&D Projects, University Scholarship) & title Period of Fellowship Name of the Principal Investigator of the Project Name of the Supervisor/
Co-Supervisor with Address
Place of Work
1. P.Shobha Rani
(Full time scholar)
INSPIRE 2012-2017 -- Dr.K.Ramamohan Reddy ICRISAT
2. S.Rupa
(Full time scholar)
INSPIRE 2012-2017 -- Dr.K.Ramamohan Reddy ICRISAT
3. P.Deepthi
(Full time scholar)
UGC-RGN-JRF 2011-2016
-- Dr.C.Sarala CWR,IST
4. P.Sowmya (SRF)
(Full time scholar)
“Hyper Spectral Remote Sensing based crop Inventory”
2012-2015 Dr.MVSS Giridhar Dr.MVSS Giridhar CWR,IST
5. Y.Sivaprasad
(Full time scholar)
DST 2013-2016 -- Dr.B.Venkateswara Rao CWR,IST
6. V.Narasaiah
(Full time scholar)
TEQIP 2013-2016 -- Dr.B.Venkateswara Rao CWR,IST
7. G.Hepsi Swarupa Rani
(Full time scholar)
TEQIP 2013-2016 -- Dr.C.Sarala CWR,IST