Ongoing Projects

Sl. No Title of the project      Agency Present status      Role (PI) 
1 Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds mediated by Pd/C catalyst and evaluation of their biological activity TEQIP
World bank
2015-17 Dr. A.Jaya Shree
2 Synthesis of combratastatin based anti-mitotic agents and their biological activities TEQIP
World bank
2015-17 Dr. A.Jaya Shree
3 Funds for Improvement of Science and Technology DST- FIST
2014-17 Dr. A.Jaya Shree
4 Design,synthesis and Biological Evaluation of small molecule antimitotic agents with DNAS Damaging properties DST-SERB
2014-17 Dr. Sadanandam Palle
5 Design, synthesis and Development of E7010 and phenastatin based new class of anticancer agents and their biological evaluation DST-WOS A 2017-20 Dr. Jyothi Vantikommu

Completed Projects

S. No. Title of the Project Sponsored by Principal Investigator
1.  Design of biologically active molecules using molecular
modeling techniques
DST Dr.A.Jaya Shree
2.  Chemical synthesis of cobalt and cobalt oxide nanoparticals and its investigative studies towards application in chemical [catalysis, defense, nano-hybrid materials and devices], biological and optoelectronic devices DRDO, New Delhi Dr.K.Mukkanti
3.  Heterogeneous water Phase Catalysis and Oxide surface for bioremediation of low-biodegradable Industrial Waste Waters. CSIR Dr.K.Mukkanti
4.  Detection of Ammonia In the Environment by using SWCNT/S-PANI Composite thin film sensors. UGC Dr.K.Mukkanti
5.  Evaluation of Sorbents and Additives for Removal of Sulphur dioxide in Industrial Pollution. AICTE Dr.K.Mukkanti