IST is having e-library facilities in which journals and e-books are subscribed. Books and Journals from, inflibnet, Science direct and e books etc.,

Every Centre in the IST is provided with a departmental library for students and faculty.

The Institute has established a separate E- Library for use by its students. It consists of 30 advanced computer systems through which the students have online access to E-books worth of 20 lakhs with perpetual license. The e-books can be download through online access by URL links of Springer, Science direct, IEEE and E-journals like American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics, American Physical Society, Cambridge University Press, Economic & Political Weekly, Indian, Institute of physics, ISID, JCCC, Oxford University Press, Project Muse, Royal Society of Chemistry, Springer Link, Taylor & Francis, Web of Science, Wiley Black Well and many others are accessible to the students. The e-library will help students to improve their core domain knowledge and technical skills. Apart from these e books journals from Inflibnet are also subscribed. The e library is also equipped with    Scifinder which  helps the student  for literature survey which is useful for execution of  projects and research work.

Central Library
The Central Library of the University is rich in resource, in terms of books and journals holdings and state-of-art facilities. The Central library caters to the needs of students, faculty and research scholars of various disciplines like Engineering, Science, Management and other allied courses etc. The University library is located in the main campus which caters to the needs of JNTUH College of Engineering, Hyderabad, Institute of Science and Technology, School of Information technology, School of Management Studies, R&D cell and DUFR.
Titles and volumes per title
Total number of Books in the Library
Text Books Reference Books
(i) Titles: 15,506 7,000
(ii) Volumes: 46,518 8,198
(iii) Others: 2,000 2,000
(IV) Journals 120  
Year Number Of New Titles Added Number Of New Volumes Added




Scholarly journal subscription specific to the programme
(i) Printed (Indian Journals) : 102 journals
  1. Annals of Library and Information Studies (Q)
  2. Asian Journal of Chemistry (M)
  3. Bulletin of Materials Science (BIM)
  4. Business India (FORTN)
  5. Business Today (FORTN)
  6. Business World (FORTN)
  7. C S I R News (FORTN)
  8. Chartered Accountant (M)
  9. Chartered Financial Analyst (M)
  10. Civil Engineering & Construction Review (M)
  11. Cooling India
  12. Current Contents in Management Marketing (Q)
  13. Current Index of Management Marketing (Q)
  14. Current Literature on Science of Science (BiM)
  15. Current Science (SM)
  16. Dataquest (FORTN)
  17. Defence Science Journal (Q)
  18. Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (Q) 19) Down to Earth (FORTN)
  19. Electrical India (FORTN)
  20. Electronics for you
  21. EPower (BiM)
  22. Geospatial Today (M)
  23. I.A.S.L.I.C Bulletin
  24. ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance (SA)
  25. I E T E Journal of Research
  26. I E T E Technical Review
  27. Indian Foundry Journal (M)
  28. Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics (BIM)
  29. Indian Journal of Biotechnology (Q)
  30. Indian Journal of Chemical Technology (BIM)
  31. Indian Journal of Chemistry SectionA
  32. Indian Journal of Chemistry SectionB
  33. Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences (BIM)
  34. Indian Journal of Environmental Health (Q)
  35. Indian Journal of Environmental Protection (M)
  36. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (M)
  37. Indian Journal of Power and River Valley Development
  38. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (M)
  39. Indian Journal of Physics Section
  40. Indian Journal of Physics Section
  41. Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics (M)
  42. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge (Q)
  43. Indian Journal of Transport Management (M)
  44. Indian Management ( M)
  45. Indian Roads Congress
  46. Indian Science Abstracts
  47. Industrial Engineering Journal
  48. Indian Water Works Association Journal (Q)
  49. Industrial Equipment News
  50. Information Bulletin on Management (Q)
  51. Information Technology (M)
  52. Invention Intelligence
  53. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy (Q)
  54. Journal of Biosciences (Q)
  55. Journal of Chemical Sciences (BiM)
  56. Journal of Computer Science (M)
  57. Journal of Digital Information Management
  58. Journal of Environmental Science & Engineering (Q)
  59. Journal of Environmental studies and Policy(JESP)TERI
  60. Journal of Genetics (3/YR)
  61. Journal of Geophysics (Q)
  62. Journal of Indian Water Works Association
  63. Journal of I.E.T.E ( Technical & Review)
  64. Journal of Library & Information Technology
  65. Journal of Rural Development
  66. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research (M)
  67. Journal of Structural Engineering
  68. Journal of the Geological Society of India (M)
  69. Journal of the Solar Energy Society of India (SESI)TERI
  70. Library Progress
  71. Linux For You (M)
  72. Management and Labour Studies (Q)
  73. Management Review
  74. MyCorrhiza NewsTERI
  75. National Product News
  76. Network Magazine ( M)
  77. P C Quest (M)
  78. Pacific and Asian Journal of Energy (PAJE) TERI
  79. Photonirvachak: Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing (Q)
  80. Pramana: Journal of Physics (M)
  81. Proceedings of Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences (Q)
  82. Proceedings of Earth and Planet Sciences (Q)
  83. Proceedings of Mathematical Sciences (Q)
  84. Regulateri TERI
  85. Resonance: Journal of Science Education (M)
  86. Sadhana : Proceedings of Engineering Sciences(BiM)
  87. SEDME: Techman: Development & policy Research: Management Digest
  88. Southern Economist (FORTN)
  89. Synergy Its Journal
  90. TEDDY Latest Edition
  91. TERI Newswire
  92. TERI Annual Report
  93. TERI Information Digest on Energy & Environment (TIDE)
  94. TERI Information Monitor on Environment Science (TIMES)
  96. The Indian Concrete Journal
  97. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals
  98. University News
  99. Vidyut Bharati
  100. Vinimaya
  101. Vision: the Journal of Business Perspective (SA)
(ii) Printed (Foreign Journals) : 18 journals
  1. ComputerAided Design (14/YR)
  2. Environmental Health Perspectives (M)
  3. G I Science and Remote Sensing (Q)
  4. Ground Water (BIM)
  5. Harvard Business Review (BIM)
  6. International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management (Q)
  7. International Journal of Structures
  8. Journal of Network and Computers Applications(Q)
  9. LINUX Journal (M)
  10. Mass Transit (M)
  11. National Geographic Magazine (M)
  12. Nature Biotechnology (M)
  13. P C World (M)
  14. Parallel Processing Letters (Q)
  15. Scientific American (M)
  16. TASK Quarterly
  17. Traffic Engineering and Control (M)
  18. WINDOWS & .net Magazine (M)