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Centre for Earth, Atmosphere & Weather modification technologies
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RS & GIS Lab: Remote sensing, in which spatially resolved images and spectra are collected from aircraft, satellite, or remote stations, and used to identify and map surficial features.

Micro Rain Radar: The Micro Rain Radar MRR-2 measures profiles of Doppler spectra and derives drop size distributions, rain rates, liquid water contents, radar reflectivity factors, Doppler velocities, path integrated attenuation.

MET Station: A MET or Weather Station is a facility, either on land or Sea, with instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecasts and to study the weather and Climate.

C Band Radar: C band radars operate on a wavelength of 4-8 cm and a frequency of 4-8 GHz. Because of the wavelength and frequency, the dish size does not need to be very large. This makes C band radars affordable for TV stations.

CampBell Stokes SunShine Recorder: A sunshine recorder is a device that records the amount of sunshine at a given location. The results provide information about the weather and climate as well as the temperature of a geographical area.

Aneroid Barometer: An aneroid barometer is an instrument for measuring pressure as a method that does not involve liquid.
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